A Quick iMessage Definition & Tips: what is iMessage, how to turn on iMessage, how does iMessage work and how to recover deleted iMessage

by Niko |Oct 08,2016..

What is iMessage

Developed and introduced by Apple with its iOS 5 in 2011, iMessage is an instant message service allowing users to send and receive text, image, audio and video messages between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac all those Apple devices. 

Basically, iMessage offers general message experience. Through Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can use iMessage to send and receive unlimited messages totally for free. Besides, Apple iMessage provides a high level of security for users’ privacy.

How to Turn on iMessage

Only for Apple device users, iMessage is not available to non-Apple devices. Then how to turn on iMessage? Here, we will show you how to turn on iMessage on iPhone and Mac respectively. It would be quite easy to set up iMessage with the following step-by-step guide.

1.    how to turn on iMessage on iPhone

To turn on iMessage on iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > turn on iMessage. In addition to your phone number, you can also use your Apple ID for sending and receiving iMessage.


2.       How to turn on iMessage on Mac

Go to Messages > Preferences > Accounts, and choose your iMessage account. You can turn on your Apple ID, phone number or both of them to send and receive iMessage on Mac.

How Does iMessage Work

How does iMessage work, or anything different between iMessage and general text message? iMessage can be sent by using Wi-Fi network or cellular data connection, and it is only available to Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. Let’s make it clear. If you send messages to a person who has Apple ID and use Apple device, the system will recognize it automatically and send all the messages through iMessage.

If you are not sure whether your messages are sent through general text message or iMessage, here is a visual indication that can help you figure it out. If you are sending iMessage, then your dialog box is blue; if you are sending general text message, the dialog box will be green.


We also provide you with some useful tips to help you solve iMessage not delivered or iMessage failing to send issue. If you confront with the problem of iMessage not delivered, you may need to check your network settings, sign out and sign in your Apple ID, reset your iPhone or check for iOS update.

How to Recover Deleted iMessages

Sometimes, you may delete your iMessages accidentally or you just want to recover the deleted old messages back. How to recover deleted iMessages? Is it possible? Yes, by making use of iTunes or iCloud backup or third-party iOS data recovery software can recover deleted iMessages easily.

If you make iTunes backup regularly or you turn on iCloud automatic backup, then it is extremely easy and convenient for you to recover deleted iMessages from your iTunes or iCloud backup.

What if you do not make iTunes or iCloud backup? Phone Saver is one of the most advanced iPhone/iPad data & file recovery tools that you can take advantages of. It allows you to recover lost or deleted iMessage and other files like photos, videos, contacts and etc. from your devices directly, even without backup.