Apple New iPad 9.7 Review: This Might be the Most Cost-Effective iPad Product in 2017

Compared to the widespread-concerned red iPhone 7, people show relatively bland attitude to the new iPad. But in fact, the new iPad brings more exciting upgrades than just a new color of iPhone model. Now, let’s go and see the new iPad 2017.

by Niko |Mar 28,2017
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A Clearer Insight into iPhone 8’s Biggest Feature: Facial Recognition Becomes Significant All of a Sudden

The emergence of broader screens has been a trend of smartphone screen in the year 2017. Will Apple replace the popular home button with the trending new facial recognition. This possibility making this work makes sense all of a sudden.

by Shannon |Mar 24,2017
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iPhone 8 Rumors’ Summary: Would iPhone 8 be Like That?

At present, many details and information about iPhone 8 have already been revealed. We summarize those closely watched iPhone 8 rumors and now share with you guys.

by Niko |Mar 21,2017
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Fix Cannot Connect to iTunes Store Issue, How?

If you face this issue that cannot connect to iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or PC/Mac, the following tips and solutions will fix “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” quickly and successfully.

by Niko |Mar 15,2017
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iPhone Using Too Much Cellular Data, How to Save Data on iPhone?

With various surprising features and lots of powerful apps in iPhone, your iPhone would be easily running out of data and you will be charged for cellular data overages. So it is significant to monitor and manage your cellular data and save data on iPhone.

by Shannon |Mar 13,2017
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