Limitless iPhone, iPad, iPod Music Transfer

Transfer music files between iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer without any limitation. IOTransfer makes music backup, restore and share with greater ease.

A Powerful Alternative to iTunes

As iOS users, you may get bored with the cumbersome workflow of iTunes. This time, IOTransfer comes to help. As a powerful alternative to iTunes, IOTransfer allows you to organize, manage and search your music in the simplest way. In IOTransfer, all your music files will be displayed intuitively, and ordered by Name, Time, Artist, Album and Size tabs.

Upload Music with 1 Simple Click

You can upload mp3, wav, aac and any other iOS supported music formats to your iPhone, iPod or iPad using IOTransfer. If you do not like the music anymore, or need more space for putting other beautiful voices, IOTransfer ensures safe delete. No previous sync step is required, IOtansfer can make your dream come true, with just 1 simple click.

Ultimate iPhone, iPod & iPad Music Transfer

IOTransfer offers you an ultimate solution letting you take care of your music in multi-way transfer. Now you can transfer music from your iPhone, iPod and iPad to Mac /PC, to iTunes or another iOS device. Due to the powerful transfer feature of IOTransfer, it is easy and convenient for you to backup, recover and share your music with families and friends.

Download IOTransfer to manage and share iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch music with ease

More Features of IOTransfer