Transfer iPhone Photo & Retain Your Moments Forever

A picture is worth a thousand words. Everyone loves to capture the perfect moments in their life as photos. But sometimes it’s annoying when you find out you don’t have enough disk space to save photos. Keep calm, and don’t worry about running out of disk space anymore! Use IOtransfer to safely transfer photos between your Apple devices and PC/Mac. IOTransfer helps you transfer photos or delete photos with just one click.

Share Your Music as the Way You Like

Music is an essential part of our daily life. IOTransfer provides you with an ultra-fast and complete solution to transfer and manage your music files as the way you would like. No matter you want to import music to your iPod, iPhone & iPad or export them to your PC/Mac, IOTransfer two-way transfer works perfect. Thus you can access and share your favorite song with your friends and family anywhere, anytime. IOTransfer makes no limits for your iPhone music.

Save Your video & Movies Wherever You Want

Just like capturing a photograph, many of us love recording the greatest occasions in our life as videos. Considering the fact that iPhone 6 can record 1080p HD videos with a good frame rate, we think watching those recorded videos on a laptop/Macbook would be a great choice. IOTransfer makes it easier for you transfer video files from iPhone 6, 6s or iPad Pro to a PC/mac. You also don’t need to worry about the video quality, as IOTransfer can maintain the original files’ data compression perfectly.

Transfer Your Apps & Backup your Important Data

Backups are indispensable. Whether it's a backup of your apps in iPhone, your iPad photo albums or songs in iPod Touch, backups come in at just the right moment to save the day. There is nothing worse than losing everything on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and realizing you never backed anything up. IOTransfer act as a handy tool to transfer your iPhone, iPad apps or iPod data to PC/Mac safely.

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